Real Estate Portfolio Management


Through real estate portfolio management we support investors, businesses and proprietors in strategic collection, as well as optimising real estate holdings. Real estate management is a continual process that involves analysis, planning, guidance and monitoring real estate holdings. The influence real estate may have on the success and risks of the entire portfolio are examined in detail, to ensure reliable investment decisions. We create more transparency for real estate property owners or investors, to minimise risks and enable sustainable increase of value. Our customers benefit from our many years of experience in consulting and management in real estate, ensuring strategic guidance and optimisation. Our areas of responsibility for real estate portfolio management include:

Portfolio planning:
  • Research for information relevant to portfolio management
  • Financial review and analysis of returns, risks and liquidity
  • Development of a portfolio strategy
  • Cash-flow-modelling, investment appraisal and scenario analysis
Portfolio realisation:
  •  Continuous analysis and evaluation of portfolio holdings
  •  Selection and management of transaction management methods
  •  Consultation for the investor/user
  •  Organisation of accounting and liquidity management
Portfolio monitoring:
  • Monitoring and securing planned portfolio performance
  • Arrangement of necessary adaptation measures (if applicable)
  • General risk management
  • Report for investors/users