RE Asset & Property Management

Our real estate asset & property management is aimed at private investors, institutional investors, banks, family offices and businesses, that wish to sustainably develop their own and/or customer’s real estate assets. The aim is to attain stable profits and secure the value connected with it, as well as medium-term increase of the value of the property. Where the proprietor is concerned, sustainable optimisation of property and cash-flow are the priority of all activities. The starting point for asset and property management forms the real estate strategy fixed in the portfolio management or the real estate portfolio formed upon which it depends. We combine the strategic requirements of real estate development with the operative duties of commercial, technical and infrastructural real estate management. Our areas of responsibility for real estate asset and property management include:

Strategic analysis:
  • Market and location analyses
  • Commercial, technical and legal due diligence
  • Development of property-specific strategies in order to increase value
  • Creation of property-related business plans
  • Cash-flow forecasts
Rental management:
  • Negotiation, preparation and conclusion of rental agreements
  •  Selection, guidance and monitoring of external service providers
  •  Management of expenses and liquidity
  •  Property and finance accounting
  •  Vacancy and floor-space management
Property development:
  • Development of utilisation concepts with efficiency analyses
  • Continuous analysis and evaluation of property holdings
  • Management of the increase of use/value or measures to reduce expenses
  • Risk management at process and property level
  • Monitoring and securing planned property and returns development