Planning & Design

AIT has more than 30 years of experience and extensive competence in designing internal and external spaces. We create overall concepts and detailed solutions for public and prestigious locations (e.g. foyers, museums), offices and working spaces (industrial areas, restaurants, offices), as well as for the leisure and residential sectors. Our architects and interior designers respond to your design wishes and suggest solutions for the formal design of internal and external spaces. We develop suggestions for material and product selections, colour and light combinations, as well as the integration of technology and media. Equally, we undertake the architectural design of façades, passages (e.g. house entrances, escape routes), apartment-related open spaces (e.g. terraces, loggias) and communal open spaces (e.g. gardens and green areas, playgrounds). Other areas of responsibility include:

  •  Feasibility analysis prior to commencing the planning phase
  •  Sector planning
  •  Visualisation (CAD, 3D, scale modelling)
  •  Calculation of expenses